Rebranding and implementation in 6 months

Great things happen when you do great work. One example is Formbetong. A concrete construction company that in 10 years time went from being a nobody to a trusted specialist in complex concrete structures. All because of their great work. But 10 years in they faced growth problems. They had gotten too big for the word to word method of communication. As an unknown brand they could not reach further. Together with Strays they set out to become something bigger than only the sum of their work. A brand people would notice, want to work with and be employed by. Strays got contracted by Formbetong by the end of 2018. The job they asked us to do was clear but challenging. In six months only they wanted a complete rebranding and implementation. The implementation meant a new visual identity manifested through a new website, a new fleet design and a new brand film, to name a few examples. There was no time to waste.

We kicked off the project with searching for the heart and soul of the brand. What was it that set Formbetong apart from their competition? The outcome showed us the path forward and the brand foundations soon took its form. So did the brand platform. Both centered around notion of that Formbetong was building for the future. Because if it was one thing that was clear, it was that company was known for always delivering durable and long lasting structures. With that as the starting point, the story of Formbetong started to uncover.

Visual identity

Feeling blue. Feeling yellow. We continued with the important step of welding different components together and started shaping the identity. We quickly understood the that construction is an industry of blue. That made us go for Yellow. A positive color representing energy. To go with it we choose a dark blue and a light blue. This was needed to achieve enough contrast against the yellow but also for its association with stability and sustainability.

With color in place the identity started to take form. Typography, numbers, iconography and other design elements were developed. With inspiration drawn from the molds used in concrete construction a more bold and strong typeface was chosen.

Image bank

With the identity in place the image bank was shoot. Brimful of inspiring images highlighting the two most important things – the projects and the people behind them.

Brand film – The Formbetong world

With the identity in place a brand film produced. An inspiring movie capturing that Formbetong is a company with a purpose – that they as, a concrete specialist, is working for a better tomorrow. The film established Formbetong as the important company that it is and gave the company a reason to speak.

Case presentation – Based on true stories

Some months after the introduction of the new Formbetong we were asked to further develop the brand story by diving into the subject we touched upon in the first brand film. Under the concept of Betongliv we showed how Formbetong is shaping the world around us for the better by showing real people in front of the camera. Formbetong used the concept when presenting for new potential clients and also for showing the 400 + employees the importance of their work and the life they help create. 

Advertising Campaign

Finally Formbetong decided that the brand had grown to a point where it had to move beyond classic business to business communication. It was time to activate the brand through an advertising campaign aimed to target the general public and with the goal the further increase brand awareness. With the concept A Concrete Story we showed that concrete lasts a long time. So long that kids a 100 years from now will be secretly in love on the same roof as kids were in the 70s. At least if it’s built by a concrete specialist.